EXQUILIS' songwriters and guest singers are producing songs  in the frame of pop music that transcends genres. In their recent songs, they have influences of Lost Frequencies and Jack Antonoff, producer of Taylor Swift, Lorde and Lana del Rey.

Their tracks, which are generally under three minutes are                                                   designed for radio airplay. 

                                   Exquilis will continue to release single on a regular basis. An                                             album is foreseen in September for presentation at Reeperbahn                                       music festival in Hamburg, Germany.and touring in 2024.                        





Let's get back to the facts

The track "Let’s Get Back to the Facts" presents a distinctive perspective on reality that is motivated by our dreams. With its catchy hook and catchy melodies with minimalist music elements, this song explores more deeply the emotions of life.


The musicians of Exquilis are exploring a wider range of musical types with whatever technology suits the song. The influence of Jack Antonoff, a producer who has collaborated with Taylor Swift, Lana del Rey and Lorde, is noticeable.


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Exquilis - Let's get back to the facts
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The rules of the game SPOTLIGHTMAGAZINE, Canada

The track opens with an addictive rock guitar synth riff, warbling and bubbling into your ears. The snappy rhythms and pop vocals of Ellisia easily bring your spirits up.


Light the fuse and «Never miss a chance to dance SPOTLIGHTMAGAZINE.Canada

The energy of each celebration tracks takes the listeners on a journey. A rush of emotions makes them feel happy with these pleasant dance tunes.


You and me underneath the tree XTTRAWAVE .USA

Let us enjoy an outstanding EDM gospel spiced song in a modern arrangement, “You and me underneath the tree” by Exquilis.



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Exquilis - Let's get back ....
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Charles Eloy


e-mail: info@soundfactmusic.be